Roller Blinds
How to install roller blinds in 5 minutes or less

What You’ll Need:

Estimated time

Before Getting Started
Organise your parts and check you have everything before commencing installation.
1x Blind
1x Control End Bracket
1x Pin End Bracket
5x Screws
Child Safety
Double-check the fitting location.
•  Is this blind going in the recess or on the face?
•  What side is the control on?
What are you attaching your blind to?
  • That’s perfect, just follow the below instructions
  • Plaster
  • Check to see if you have wall studs where the brackets will attach, if not, we recommend using a Ramset hollow wall anchor gun and <what size wall anchor?>.
  • You can find these:
    • Bunnings
    • Sydney Tools
    • Total Tools
  • Concrete?
    • Use a masonry drill and concrete screws
    Make sure you have clean hands!
    • The last thing you want to do is get your blind dirty whilst installing it.

    Have any questions?

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