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Discover the Timeless Charm of Oakbank Linen

A semi-sheer curtain fabric brought to life with Chanice Parker from Oakbank Reno.

The Dream Behind Oakbank Linen

Every great design begins with an even better story.

“I have been drawn to heavier, 100% linen looking options as it has that old-home, laundry blowing in the wind feel that is so timeless and comforting.” Chanice Parker muses as she recalls the inception of Oakbank Linen.

“But I searched and searched, for over a year, and couldn’t find custom made curtains that were giving me the mood I wanted.”

“Then I found 5 Minute Blinds. And through a journey of collaboration, we sourced an effortless and organic fabric, and I’m excited to be able to bring my vision to life and share it with everyone.”

All the charm of linen, with none of the downside

Chanice’s quest for the perfect fabric led her to 5 Minute Blinds.

While 100% linen offers a timeless aesthetic, it comes with challenges: it’s prone to shifting sizes, creasing, and fading. And the fabric doesn’t work well with an S-Fold heading.

Our mission was to capture the charm of linen, while eliminating these downsides.

Chanice with her stunning Oakbank Linen sheer curtains, in the colour Wabi-Sabi.

Introducing Oakbank Linen: Where luxury and affordability harmoniously meet

After an extensive search through numerous fabrics, we discovered the ideal solution: Oakbank Linen.

Immerse yourself in refined style inspired by natural elements and international design aesthetics.


Inside in natural light

Outside in natural light

Each colorway, inspired by global design styles and the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi, adds a touch of authenticity, uniqueness, and affordable luxury to your living spaces.

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Oakbank Linen Sheer Curtains

Why Oakbank Linen Stands Apart

Linen-inspired Luxury on a Budget:

Oakbank Linen Sheer Curtains offer the rich aesthetic of linen without compromising your budget. Enjoy the luxury of billowing fabric and the dreamy atmosphere inspired by Chanice’s vision without the premium price tag.

Effortless Elegance:

These curtains retain the effortless elegance of the original design, allowing soft light to filter through and create a tranquil ambiance. The budget-friendly option ensures that everyone can experience the beauty of linen without sacrificing style.

Dream-inspired Design for All:

Chanice’s dream of whispy linen blowing in the breeze is now a reality for everyone. Oakbank Linen Sheer Curtains bring that dream-inspired design to a wider audience, making it accessible for every home and budget.

Versatile Styling:

Just like the premium version, these curtains seamlessly fit into various interior styles. Add a touch of sophistication to your space without compromising your financial goals.

Easy-care Linen Blend:

The linen and polyester blend not only mimics the luxurious feel but also ensures easy maintenance. Enjoy the look and feel of linen without the high-maintenance aspect, as these curtains are conveniently hand washable.

Tailored Fit, Affordable Luxury:

Available in a range of sizes, Oakbank Linen Sheer Curtains provide a tailored fit for different window dimensions. Elevate your space with custom-like luxury that suits your specific needs.


Choosing the right fabric and colour makes all the difference to how a room looks and feels. Not all sheer curtain fabrics are created equal.


A harmonious blend of 50% linen and 50% polyester, combining the best of both worlds.


115GSM – Grams per Square Meter.

Texture and Feel:

Experience a tactile texture that’s soft to the touch, bringing an organic feel to your interiors.

Hem Options:

A weighted hem up to 2970mm in drop, or a 70mm hem on all drops.

Available Headings:

Elegantly crafted for S-Fold, Pinch Pleat, and Pencil Pleat headings. Each style enhances the fabric’s natural allure, offering a range of expressions for your interior spaces.

Cleaning Sheer Curtains

From gentle dusting to careful washing, each sheer fabric may have specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with everyday dust or more stubborn stains, our dedicated guide provides you with all the necessary steps and tips to clean your sheer curtains effectively and safely.

Discover how to keep your sheers pristine with our comprehensive Cleaning Sheer Curtains Guide.